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Details and Location

500 12th Street SW
Washington DC 20536

This agency is located in Washington DC. This is the main headquarters that has administrative offices rather than housing for prisoners.

Additional Facilities

  • Adelanto Detention Facility
  • California City Correctional Center
  • Contra Costa West County Detention Facility
  • El Centro Service Processing Center
  • Otay Detention Facility
  • Sacramento County Jail
  • The Santa Ana City Jail
  • Yuba County Facility
  • Central Arizona Correctional Center
  • Eloy Detention Center
  • Florence Correctional Center
  • Florence SPC
  • Pinal County Adult Detention Center
  • Denver Contract Detention Facility
  • Douglas County Department of Corrections
  • Hall County Department of Corrections
  • El Paso Processing Center
  • Otero County Processing Center
  • Houston Contract Detention Facility
  • Joe Corley Detention Facility
  • Johnson County Detention Center
  • Karnes County Civil Detention Center
  • Laredo Detention Center
  • Polk County Adult Detention Center
  • Port Isabel Service Detention Center
  • Rolling Plains Correctional Facility
  • South Texas Detention Facility
  • T. Don Hutto Residential Center
  • West Texas Detention Facility
  • Utah County Facility
  • Weber County Correctional Facility
  • Etowah County Detention Center
  • Baker County Facility
  • Broward Transitional Center
  • Glades County Detention Center
  • Krome Service Processing Center
  • Wakulla County Facility
  • Jefferson County Justice Center
  • McHenry County Adult Correctional Facility
  • Tri County Detention Center
  • Hardin County Correctional Center
  • Boone County Jail
  • LaSalle Detention Facility
  • Oakdale Federal Detention Center
  • South Louisiana Correctional Center
  • Calhoun County Correctional Center
  • Monroe County Jail
  • Freeborn County Adult Detention Center
  • Ramsey County Adult Detention Center
  • Sherburne County Facility
  • Montgomery County Jail
  • David L. Moss CJC Tulsa Oklahoma
  • Worcester County Detention Center
  • Stewart Detention Center
  • North Georgia Detention Center
  • Irwin County Detention Center
  • Atlanta City Detention Center
  • Kenosha County Detention Center
  • Dodge Detention Facility
  • Bristol County House of Corrections
  • Plymouth County Correctional Facility
  • Suffolk County House of Corrections
  • Bergen County Jail
  • Delaney Hall Detention Facility
  • Elizabeth Contract Detention Facility
  • Essex County Jail
  • Hudson County Correctional Facility
  • Monmouth County Correctional Institution
  • Seneca County Jail
  • Buffalo Federal Detention Facility
  • Orange County Correctional Facility
  • Bedford Heights City Jail
  • Morrow County Correctional Facility
  • Butler County Correctional Complex
  • Jack Harwell Detention Center
  • Pine Prairie Processing Center
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